This page is for all the fun goodies I want to share with you guys, all you need to do is follow my blog ☺️ Pretty cool huh!

To begin with it will be Corel Painter content, but I do plan on adding other programs including PS goodies.


Watch this space for new giveaways, coming soon!



HI guys here,s the newest giveaway my Body Fur brush from Furry Creatures category-made in Painter 2017 but should be fine in Painter 2016 as not new brush types. I will be selling this & other brush categories very soon, tryout the brush below for a taste of furry  fun.




Below is a palette & category with some of my best old favourites, enjoy them & look out for new brush types I’ll be adding & selling soon. Make sure you calibrate with brush tracking to suit your style & give you best feel for use

Painter 2016 & upward compatable.


Id love to see any of your art where you’ve used my brushes, email to me & I’ll post on here for everyone to see!