This page is for all the fun goodies I want to share with you guys, all you need to do is follow my blog ☺️ Pretty cool huh!

To begin with it will be Corel Painter content, but I do plan on adding other programs including PS goodies.

So here you go, these 2 palettes have some of my favourite go to brushes…..don’t forget to use brush tracking, this will help tweak the settings to suit you.

HI guys here,s the newest giveaway my Body Fur brush from Furry Creatures category-

check out my home page for pic with brush marks, made in Painter 2017 but should be fine in Painter 2016 as not new brush types.

Painter 2016 & upward comparable.

Hi guys, im adding a small category of my fav animal brushes…skin, hide & fur is the most important thing as it covers your structure when painting animals. These are my go to brushes, make sure you use brush tracking to calibrate them to your style of working.

I love to see your work so shoot me a pic of what your doing.